Our customers’ testimonies:

“Having the fishes to eat away my feet seemed such an icky idea at first. Then again, pampering our feet at the latest spa place in Singapore called the FISHO therapy piqued my curiosity more. If you haven’t met Dr. Fish, it’s a fun, natural, painless skin exfoliating treatment.”
- Lena from Singapore, June, 2007.

“After washing my feet, I proceeded to the tub of eager, hungry “Dr. Fish”. As I dipped my feet into the pool, hundreds of feeders’ mouth swam to my feet and started to nibble at the dry skin under my soles. It felt so weird at first that I pulled my leg off the tub with a yelp. It took getting used to and after 5 minutes, the gentle nipping felt like “micro massages” which seemed to improve the blood circulation around my feet.”
– client from Japan, 2006.

Some people say it's a very nice and very natural way to remove your dead cells, I want to do my feet and back, because I can't reach with a back scrubber."
– spa owner from Japan, 2007.
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