FISHO features the Doctor Fish* as skin treatments in all POTENTIAL AND WELL-ESTABLISHED SPAS, SALOONS AND HEALTHCARE CENTERS around the world.

FISHO is one of the few breeders and suppliers throughout the world. We provide the treatment concept, the supply of Dr Fish, education, marketing and business strategy for customers.

FISHO franchises are now spreading around the world including Korea, Japan, China and Singapore.

FISHO is a pioneer in incorporating natural science technology straight into Beauty and Heath industries.

FISHO TREATMENT consists of the following procedures:
1. Body cleaning exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells.
    Note: this method is not painful, because fishes have no teeth);
2. Micro-massage (which reaches the deepest skin layers while
    improving blood circulation, thus the skin is better supplied
    with the oxygen, and as the outcome it becomes much softer
          and smoother);
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